Remote Housing Concept Dwellings

Constructability NT Pty Ltd offers concept designed dwellings primarily manufactured from concrete and steel, requiring significantly less maintenance and simplicity in design. The dwellings are forecast to have an asset life span beyond that of traditional models. They are designed and built to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Our business strategy is to partner with like-minded local indigenous/aboriginal companies who are willing to work with us and who have the same principals and values. This is an opportunity for local engagement and provides working opportunities in both construction and maintenance but also fabrication for a greater sustainability and pathway to the future of businesses and continued employment.

With our experience in the civil and concrete construction industry over the past 40 years work across all of remote Australia we propose an alternative and more sustainable method of construction for two and three bedroom dwellings.

Our concept design has traditional slab design floors, with precast core filled concrete walls. All wiring and plumbing is drawn through the wall, recessed in and protected from vandalism and damage, therefore significantly reducing the risk of exposure to families should damage occur.

The design allows for the steel roof trusses to be tied in with the walls and in turn to the slab ensuring the entire dwelling has a high cyclone proof rating. Concrete provides an excellent insulation median from the extremes of temperatures including fire and is a material which is not attracted to rotten infestation. Proposed windows are of a standard aluminium louver design, avoiding glass as the risk to damage and harm is considered severe. These concept design windows and frames not only provide for ease of maintenance and replacement but also provide an opportunity for local companies to manufacture and supply.

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